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Hope I caught you in time…

If you’re an investor looking to start or improve a short-term rental business, then you’re in the right place.

If you want to be more than an Airbnb host… if you want a short-term rental business… then this is for you.

OK… specifically if you want to:

bulletDouble or triple your margins so you can finally have some spending money

bulletCreate a system to keep your short-term rental filled with business travelers

bulletOperate smarter so you actually feel RICH before paying off your mortgage

bulletStart making the income extended stay hotels enjoy

bulletCreate a pathway into corporate housing and enjoy the pride of owning well-groomed and highly-profitable housing assets

… then read on.

Why? Because online platforms like Airbnb, HomeAway/VRBO and TripAdvisor are game changers.

But you still need to be careful not to operate in the typical manner. Else you will end up losing money and burning yourself out.

But that need not happen.

I’d like to share some concepts to help you achieve your full Airbnb potential…

But first let me introduce myself.

Why Listen to Me?

My name is Al Williamson. I’m a former Professional Engineer who has been landlording since 1996. I’ve also been an active Airbnb guest and host since 2011.

I’ve written three real estate books and have been featured on numerous real estate shows.

That’s me speaking to a group of investors in the picture.

Various real estate organizations and forums considered me to be a thought leader on ways landlords can increase their NET INCOMES.

After years of staying in Airbnbs all over the U.S. and observing the evolution of this industry, I’ve seen things done well and poorly.

And I now believe, if (and only if) you’re an investor, you should play to your strengths. You should not compete with people who share their homes. If you do, you may over do it and fry your nerves.

So I’ve created a set of guidelines to help you run a sustainable and profitable business.

Airbnb landlord presentation to group of investors

NEW OPPORTUNITY – Turn Your Potential Into Cash

I’d like to share some ideas that can really help your bottom line especially if you:

bulletNeed more cash flow from your rental property and like to operate as passively as possible

bulletNeed a reliable income stream that’s actually enough to maintain your property AND give you some spending money

bulletAre already a short-term landlord but realize your NET INCOME doesn’t justify your efforts

Because if you think a rental has Airbnb potential – it probably does. …Listen to your gut. If you’re near a hospital, business district, airport, college, or convention center then it’s nearly a sure thing.

So then… if you want more cash flow, then start serving clients that will happily pay you more that normal tenants.

Airbnb Landlords operate within the law

City Ordinances – Obstacle or Opportunity

Right off the bat I want to address the current regulatory trends.

Some local governments are trying to restrict the short-term rental phenomenon.

This smartphone-empowered industry is relatively new so growing pains should be expected.

So I encourage you to learn your city’s regulations before getting started.

However, let me point out that regulations MAY ACTUALLY HELP YOU. They raise the barrier of entry and can create even better opportunities. So plan to be compliant but savvy as well. There are ALWAYS loopholes…

More on that later…


I’d just like to say I very highly recommend his program–it gets right down to the brass tacks with zero fluff and just shows you the precise ways of maximizing your margins in this business.

Airbnb for Landlords has probably saved me months, if not years, of trial and error and was certainly worth the price for me.  In addition, Al has been a great mentor; any time I have some nuanced question, I can just easily contact him, and he’ll respond very quickly.  Not once did I have to follow up with a question with Al (a very rare quality in this business).

Bottom line is: if you have any sort of remote interest in doing Airbnb / furnished rentals, this program is a must have, and you’d be doing yourself a huge disservice in terms of time and money by trying to just learn this on your own.


landlord who uses Airbnb to make a profit

Craig H., TX


There is a wealth of information regarding new real estate courses to learn about running a nightly rental, flooding the internet. I was skeptical about purchasing courses because all of them claimed to be packed with information you must have to be successful.  Al’s course AirBnB for Landlords, over delivers!!!  Whether you are someone like me who is just starting or wanting to grow your existing business, I highly recommend this course.  Follow the blue print Al lays out for you and you will be successful.  Our first three bookings through Air B N B have all been five star reviews.

I was very impressed by the personal touch which is included in the material.  Al routinely sends out e-mails which keep us informed on the latest trends and strategies to maximize profits, while growing your business. He even took the time to review our new listing and offer suggestions for improvements. Make a wise investment in your business and purchase AirBnB for Landlords.


The Way of an Airbnb Landlord

Profitable Airbnb Landlords don’t operate like hosts who share their homes. You can’t do what most books and blogs suggest AND make more money than a traditional landlord.

Working harder for the same (or less) NET INCOME doesn’t make sense.

Can you imagine buying furnishings and extending your hospitality…doing all of that… only to bank the same as a traditional landlord? What a waste of time and money!

It’s easy to make money with Airbnb, but it’s hard to NET MORE than a traditional landlord.

…That’s precisely why I created this course.

I don’t want you to head down the wrong track.

I tested this system on my own properties (which are hampered by restrictive city ordinances) and with other landlords as well

…Now I’m proud to offer you a proven system.

Engineered Solutions

bulletWant a passive business? Then get set up to serve a niche client (business travelers) and make your unit self-explanatory.

bulletFed up with tenants destroying your rental? Well welcome to the world of furnish rentals! Start charging extra for an all-inclusive housing package.

bulletWant your multifamily to produce more NET income? Set up one unit for short term housing and dominate a lucrative sub market.

Course for landlords interested in short term rental business

This System Will Help You…

bulletTap into the lucrative business travel industry that has year-round demand

bulletCreate an on-ramp into the corporate housing industry

bulletGain insight on how to navigate your local city ordinances so you find opportunities where others find obstacles

bulletMaximize the top three short-term rental platforms that will keep your lead flow strong

bulletReceive expert and individualized guidance on how to analyze your market so you don’t waste time

bulletReceive help refining your listing so you have a crystal-clear message in your marketplace

bulletAccess checklists to help you attract more business travelers and fewer tourists

bulletSave time using our quick start templates. Produce valuable resources that nearly eliminate calls for service.

bulletOut rank your competition so you have the edge

bulletStay current on best practices so you can increase your competitive advantage

bulletReceive summaries of the top-rated books and courses regarding Airbnb. No need to buy additional resources.

bulletGet 1:1 support and quick answers to your start up questions

bulletAnd much, MUCH MORE!

And If You’re Already a Short-Stay Provider…

From time to time I’m approached by rental owners who are already running an Airbnb rental. They ask, “Will your course be of any benefit to me? I don’t want to waste my money on something I already know.” My honest answer is “Yes”. And here’s why.

Included in the course, you’ll get ongoing emails and announcements so you can:

bulletRefine your listing so guest find you before they see your competitors

bulletGet summaries of the bestselling books regarding Airbnb

bulletHear about and see the NEW best practices of other landlords

bulletLearn from the community of landlords during periodic conference calls

PLUS, existing operators tell me that my review of their listings, based on my experience with 100s of students from all over the world, gives them money-making refinements that alone are worth the price of the course.

Transform Into Something More Profitable

J. Martin of Oakland, CA was up and going as an Airbnb landlord. He had about 40 stays under his belt when I shared my principles of serving travelers instead of tourists. Martin is known for taking massive action and he refocused his business as suggested.

And guess what happened? Once he started “dog-whistling” (target marketing) for people looking for extended stays, he reduced his turnover costs and started netting an additional $500 per month. Plus the busy work associated with regulatory compliance diminished.

What Others Say



landlord who uses Airbnb to make a profit

J. Martin


When Al Williamson first told me years ago that I could make 3X the profit on furnished rentals, I thought he was a little out there. When I did it myself over and over, I became a true believer! Recently bought the Airbnb for Landlords course to improve my business more. Probably would have made another $100K if I would have listened to him a few years back! Thanks Al.


I have been a landlord for over 17 years and had never bought a course before now. Al helped me fine tune my description, made suggestions to my house rules and answered any questions. He helped me start going after business travelers, which has made me more profitable.

In the first 30 days my new Airbnb unit was on the market, I had 5 bookings for a total of 16 days of rent. Well worth the initial investment. Al is a great asset to have on your side.

If you are considering dipping your toe into the Airbnb or VRBO market, you have to get this course.




I have been quite impressed with Al’s response time and weekly emails. I found the information in the course to be of supreme value to me.

It helped me know who my competition is, what their prices are and which homes are most preferred. This was of the utmost-value to me since I am already signed up with Airbnb but needed help gaining more bookings.

The price [of the course] was well worth the cost.


Al offers a course that can help you think outside the box when it comes to rentals.

His course is concise and avoids the wordiness many courses use to make them think you’re getting a lot for your money; it gets to the point, so you can start working on your business!

I especially appreciate his prompt replies to my questions.

He is forthright and honest, so that you can feel good about your decisions regarding your rentals.


Peg & Bud


We placed a dummy ad to see if your Airbnb would get interest in my smaller town. We immediately started getting multiple reservation requests!

I sort of panicked took a breath and said… OK I bought Al’s course now let’s get MOVING.

The communication is great …. when we need help we always get it! Quick and easy via email LOVE it. Turned a problem house that rented for $850 into a charming house that brings in $2,100 per month!

< Peggy and Bud earn their Super-Host badge within six months of operation! >



When I first saw Airbnb landlord course I wondered what I would learn from it. We already had two properties furnished and operated in a small town America. After I finished his course, I was SHOCKED at all the things I was doing wrong.

By following the step-by-step instructions I was able to streamline my processes, increase my bookings, and transition from our traditional corporate to vacation rentals. Don’t be like me and try this alone. Buy this course and start off on the right foot from day ONE.

Connie R., Wakarusa, KS

When I attended the Landlord’s conference in St Louis, after years in the landlording business,  I was pretty sure I knew about everything there is to being a landlord. When I saw Al was going to talk about Airbnb for landlords, I wasn’t sure what it was about! Truthfully, I figured it was a “California” thing, probably not for the down-home Kansas crowd.

After his presentation, I knew I had to buy the materials and get in on something that really was a new idea for me. After the conference I sat down and looked at his videos and was so impressed with the simplicity of  “working the plan”. So I basically contacted him and he answered right back and we were on the track to Airbnb world.

I contacted Al and he “held my hand” through the process of logging in, setting up my site, adding pictures for place holders – Al looked at my work, gave me good advice on how to improve and add new details. Photos and descriptions were a challenge, and I didn’t have much confidence in myself or my product. AL cheered me on and I kept working at it. I actually got my first reservation that same day that I uploaded the site.

So far I’ve earned enough money to reinvest in my cabin/bunkhouse with replacement carpeting in one of the bedrooms. We are into our 2nd month and I am hoping to be a “Super Host” with 5 star ratings from our guests, we’ve earned some real money and its been actually fun to do. All this is thanks to AL, his patience and guidance were so appreciated.

You better believe I’m telling this story to all my friends and family- and they are loving it.


I knew of one local landlord who was getting paid quite well on Airbnb. I wasn’t sure the best way to enter the space, but I knew it was a lot more than my rent. I’ve been a landlord for over a decade and have purchased many courses. The support level that Al gives his students is second to none. Al knows exactly how to read the market, how to price and furnish, and encourages and guides every step of the way. Al is to Airbnb what Tony Robbins is to inspirational change.

I decided to use Airbnb for a house that I have vacant and on the MLS. Because of Al, I collected a month’s worth of rent in the first 2 weeks. I can’t imagine how many years of focus it would’ve taken to get to the level Al is at right.

With Al’s guidance I expect to double my rent on my first property and turn additional rentals into Airbnb houses.

rental owner who successfully operates a short term rental business

Christine N. OH

Chad M., OK

I have been in real estate for over 15 years as a real estate agent and investor. I heard about Al through an investor friend and attending one of his work shops. It was worth every bit of time and resources invested. We learned how to get the highest and best return on our property and how to do so in a way that stands a part from the masses.

At the workshop, I signed up for coaching and follow up from Al on how to best capitalize on our real estate investments. His follow up has been excellent, his updates and insights have helped us to be successful. There is a Proverb that says “Plans go wrong for lack of advice; many advisors bring success” (Proverbs 15:22). I would highly recommend adding Al to your list of advisors . He will help you be successful in business and successful in what matters most!

What You Get?

bulletVideo Learning Modules so you can grasp the insight you need to quickly operate more profitably (time and finance-wise) than your local market rents allow.

bulletA Strategy Guide so you can understand the big picture and position yourself to dominate a lucrative sub-market.

bulletA Getting Started Workbook that includes the following:

bulletTemplate for your welcome letter so you can make the right first impression and look like a seasoned host

bulletTemplate for a guest manual that reduces calls for service and helps you operate on auto pilot

bulletWorksheets to help you discover the most lucrative local sub-market that you can dominate

bulletDone-for-you systems that delight your guests and give you an edge over your competition

bulletA 22-week email course to help you make refinements to your listing and shift into a profitable mindset.

bulletOngoing email tips and conference call updates to help you stay current with the latest news pertaining to Airbnb Landlords

bulletMarketing and Calendar Sync Module allows you to coordinate 10 or more websites so your rental’s availability is showcased all over the world and you enjoy consistent bookings.

bulletRental Arbitrage Module shows you step-by-step how to add value to someone else’s rental and use our strategies to make a profit.

bulletTravel Nurse Module leads you into the secret realms of the health care profit centers.

bullet30-Day Buy Back Guarantee. If you don’t save time with my structured approach to analyzing your local market, and if you don’t find my checklists and ready-to-implement systems to be worth much more than you paid, then I don’t deserve to keep your money. So,I’m offering a 100 percent money back guarantee. No questions – no games.


Quick Action Bonuses

When You Order Today, You Also Get These Bonus Gifts:

bulletAccess to our private Facebook group where you can learn from other who’ve invested in the course and are have success. Monthly group teleconference so you can give immediate feedback and learn from others ($2,500 Value)

bulletOne-year of email support to get your questions answered fast ($2,900 Value)

bullet60-minute coaching session where I will personally answer your questions and strategize with you. I prepare for each call so I’ll be able to offer actionable advice specific to you. Bring your questions and get quick answers. ($3,000 Value)

What’s the Total?

Conservatively, this course has a retail value of $9,997.

But It’s likely You’re Already Paying More.

If your instincts are telling you that your rental has short term potential, then you should listen. You’re likely losing $1,000s in opportunity costs.

It’s true, as an Airbnb landlord you can double your net income even in the face of unfriendly ordinances.

… And with the 30-day no-way-to-lose guarantee, you’re 100% protected from disappointment.

Plus you won’t be alone. I’m going to hold your hand and walk you through the entire process.

So don’t wait…enroll today!

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